Join Military & Family Life Counseling

Magellan Behavioral Health has been awarded one of the contracts to deliver the MFLC Program and is providing the majority of rotational and on-demand counselors in the United States for this important program. 

Magellan’s MFLC rotational employees provide short-term, situational, problem-solving, non-medical, “walk-around” counseling services to active duty military members serving in all branches of the military, the National Guard and Reserves and their family members.  The MFLC Program includes a Child and Youth Behavioral Counseling Program (CYB) specifically for young family members.

Magellan continues to actively recruit MFLC adult counselors, MFLC embedded counselors, Special Operation Command (SOCOM) counselors, CYB school-based counselors, and CYB child development center or youth program counselors to become rotational employees. Magellan is especially interested in counselors who are local to a military installation and who have prior experience working with military members and their families. In addition, Magellan offers opportunities for counselors with proven leadership experience to work as MFLC regional directors and regional supervisors.

If you are interested in being part of the Magellan solution for MFLC in rotational assignments as a Magellan employee, please establish a profile in the Magellan Health Services Career site.  An online profile will be required of all applicants who wish to become Magellan employees.  You may also call 1-860-507-1812 for additional information. 

Magellan continues to seek counselors for on-demand (1-3 days) and surge (1-3 months) assignments.  If you are interested in being contacted to learn more about joining the MFLC program in these shorter term assignments, please click here take our short survey to tell us more about yourself and your interests, or call 1-800-424-6040 to speak with Magellan.  If you decide you would like to pursue becoming a Magellan employee for longer term rotations, please establish a profile in the Magellan Health Services Career site or call 1-860-507-1812.

In order to perform MFLC duties, all counselors (those in rotational employee positions as well as network providers in on-demand and surge assignments) must meet certain quality and credentialing requirements, including evidence of independent licensure, confirmation of education, successful completion of a criminal history background check including fingerprints, successful completion of a drug screen (employees only), as well as successful completion of a comprehensive Magellan MFLC training program.


View Position Descriptions and Current Opportunities

Click this link to view various position descriptions and a list of current opportunities by state.

Next Steps

After applying for a Magellan rotational employee position or an on-demand or surge assignment, Magellan will contact you shortly for follow-up and next steps. You may call 1-800-424-6040 with any questions, as well.